I don’t know if I should categorize my lack of ‘social skills’ as a mere aberration in an otherwise charming package. Probably not.

Loud when I should be whispering

Mad when the world is sane

Quiet when everyone is laughing.

Of course, there is no longer that tragedy that once was. At one point in time, this lapse within the self, meant long hours of useless introspection. But even now, this discomfort with people eats me up.

Why give so much importance to people?

How is it that the one person who is so much like me, is so much more warm, so much more giving than I am?

And why is it, that I don’t know what and how to give?

Its interesting, that when my mind is caught up in the lonliness of its own grey colour, the mouth shoots even more. And it doesn’t shut up. Are you afraid of listening to the sound of nothing, if you just keep quiet.

Randomly, I am picking up my own pieces. Not even bothered if they are are a part of the same puzzle anymore. Just so you can gather all the pieces.

To pull them together, is someone else’s job.

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