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Raagamalika, Ahmedabad and a Sleepy Sun

Are you not amazed by the lightness of your own words sometimes? How elastic were your breezes once? How wide were the fields they swept? Still resting on the theme of discovered and uncovered pieces from sometime back. They are … Continue reading

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Homer and a South Indian War

A poem written in January 2002, that was leaping from the screen today. Still remember discussing Homer et al in class when the poem began to write itself. My ink drunk hands, miss the scratchy papers.. They lean over the … Continue reading

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Godot, Indra, Dodo, Zeus

indra… king of gods, god of lightening, he who rides a white elephant . somehow the image was stark, zeus and indira being the same person .. two personalities of a schizo. hurricane lamp. i love petromax and kerosense lamps. … Continue reading

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When in your ocean eyes

Rediscovering the element of Jihaad within the self. This silent war against the world, within the self. In a state of animation, and the promise of suspension. All melting like multiple layers on a pizza in the oven. Bake my … Continue reading

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A search for meanings…

Insomnia – in-‘säm-nE-& ; noun; Latin, from insomnis sleepless; prolonged and usually abnormal inability to obtain adequate sleep. Ennui – “än-‘wE ; noun; French, from Old French enui annoyance, from enuier to annoy ; a feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction. … Continue reading

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Shit hit the fan

The insomnia has peaked. The shit has hit the cieling, coloured it and draped the fan.

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An attempt at breathing was made for the morning The first three minutes, blinded by yesterday’s salt water life seemed to be buoyant only to sink

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