Thud Thud goes the night

Yesterday was a tough day to take, digest or even get out of.

How easily all that confidence disappears. Sometimes. But I guess it is a matter of picking the self up after the fall. How is it that as we grow up we lose our confidence bit by bit. When you are five years old, you can be anything you want. The more somebody tells you that you cannot be what you think what you think want to be, the more you aspire for that state of being.

So what does it mean. To be here, and to be almost vanishing?
Yesterday night was tougher still. Hyderabad is an easy city to live in, but in the dull of the night the thuds are louder than expected. Was attempting to read a book, halfway between self-pity and tearing anger, the book was put away. It was one of those nights, when you keep your spectacles on, because the blurry vision seems to have permeated to all your senses. Because you know if you close your eyes even for a second and then open again, the world will disorient you.


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