Apostrophe’s Dilemma

Did you know about this? There is a website dedicated to preserving the functional and perhaps aesthetic purity of a particular punctuation mark.

The Apostrophe Protection Society. (Visit http://www.apostrophe.fsnet.co.uk/)

The site is dedicated to the cause of fighting against apostrophe abuse. A sign of new times, when unedited manifestoes are being shouted from all rooftops and cybertops. The King’s English first ran into the domain of the Queen. And now the royalty has withered, and the language comes back to the living.

I am caught between my loyalty to purity, and my fondness for liberal freedom. Perhaps I need to rinse off the notions of purity and progress being diametrically opposite concepts first.


At this point when I was writing, I saw the person who had mercilessly attempted to chew my head off yesterday. So like the fool that I am I got up to ask specifically what bothered him so much. Surprise! Surprise! Me is the problem. The way that I am. The way that I speak. Of course my work is good, the way I think maybe decent too, but the rest of me is rotting trash.

Now, I may have taken this to be symptomatic of my own behaviour had I received such a signal from others. Except from the few powers that be, I get along with most people. Of course, I’ve always known I sometimes lose my patience with people who are closed to ideas, and sit on their own like they’re hens helping eggs to hatch, but this, was far different.

I am not a genius, and I am comfortable with that realization. However I do have a knack with patterns. I can usually project further patterns. And that seems to trouble people. I do know that I threaten people. For what reason, I still haven’t figured out.

But the fundamental reason remains that if somebody finds me threatening it is because as individuals they are insecure. And they find their own position and self concept unstable. Perhaps this entire stream of thought implies that I am being arrogant, but I would rather be arrogant than wallow in self-pity.


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