Notes for a New Year – Part I

Back to notes for the New Year. As always. I don’t make resolutions. Mostly because I find them pointless. Also, because I don’t really dig the concept.
Am I happy? Yes I am. I am mostly always happy.

But over a lakh people dying can really rob one of the joy of a New Year. Can’t it?

But I am safe tonight. And so are my loved ones. And for that, I am grateful. In exactly a month, I will be married. And for that, I feel lucky and joyous.

This has been an interesting year. I finished a year and a half long thesis on spiritual movements, sat through interviews for jobs, got placed on campus, went with one bag and a case to Hyderabad, and looked for my own house.

From scratch, then, I set this up this house. With blue curtains, and no bed. A few street dogs for company. Travelled in rural areas, and met some interesting people. Fell in love with Hyderabad, for the beautiful and homely city it was. Among other people, met some wonderful souls like Meeta who completely swept me away with their wicked sense of humour, concern and kind heartedness.

Meanwhile, the house with blue curtains grew a fridge, a TV and a bed inside it. The stray dogs got fatter, because they ate most of the dinner I cooked. My circle of friends in Hyderabad increased. From one corner to another. There was a lot of laughter and movies thanks to them!!

The stray dogs began to sleep outside my front door, and even managed to come in, gingerly when I left the door open. And then, marriage date gets fixed. Sri and I finally get married on 31 Jan 2005, after almost four and a half years of being together.

Meanwhile, Boss eats Neha’s head (for details see Blog entries August 2004 to November 2004). Neha finds another job. 🙂 Among other things, leaving Hyderabad was hard. Friends, Blue Curtains, and dogs with their own changing names.

Home now for about two weeks.

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