A380 finally!

Airbus unveils A380 today! And competition doesn’t seem to have anything close. It’s also interesting considering this is a full blown European product, with parts being sourced from Germany, Spain, Frace and UK. (UK… Yeah, much as they like to believe otherwise, they are a part of Europe!). This one will leave the Boeing 747 far behind! A 555 seater, with intentions of operating cost (not running cost) by 15 to 20%. 149 of them booked already, and the first one will fly only in March 2006. They need about 100 more orders to break even, which it looks like will be done in a month’s time. The project period is pretty long, as was with the last Boeing release. This is probably the biggest development exercise in civil aviation.

Needless to say the American Airline companies still haven’t booked any yet. Rumours of a Chinese order abound. Interesting.

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