chilkur and other adventures..

In fact, this would be my first smile and laugh of the day. Today, I had a massive system crash. While data was retrieved, or some of it anyway, I hate it when systems have to be completely redone, it destroys all elements of personalization. And then to download all those programs on the sly. Ggrr.

But then, Sri writes a mail to my Dad, and parts of it make me laugh. 🙂 And the day (or what is left of it) begins to look up again..

Parts of it refer to the recent trip to Hyderabad. One of the highlights of this trip was the 108 pradakshinams (circumambulating around the sanctum) in the Balaji temple at Chilkur. This was in reference to an earlier promise made in the temple, and well, God performed His/ Her end of the word!

We visited the temple in Chilukur…and ran a 108 lap race around the venkateshwara swamy temple there. I think we did pretty well given the track conditions and the hostility shown by the other participants. Neha was terribly miffed by one lady who tried to elbow her out of the way every now and then. I think she punched her on the sly….though she claims she didn’t.

The temple is supposed to be a proxy for Tirupathi. Theres some story about how the Lord came down from Tirupathi to give darshan to a devotee who was too sick to make the trip to Tirupathi. The good thing about the temple is that everyone stands in a queue for darshan and there are no special entry queues and theres no VIP treatment for anyone.

Something feels real good inside when the two men in your life get along. 🙂

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