a very loud lout decay

Whatever is happening to this city?

Now, let’s be practical. I come from Delhi. Where tempers flare, and every minute, one sees two car drivers holding each other up, defying gravity and cursing the other by describing the sexual history of the other’s entire family. We have cows back on the road, and the landscape is filled with drunkards and misbehaving louts.

I admit it. Delhi is a nasty city a lot of the times. And most Delhites admit it too. Nobody claims Delhi is a *nice* city.

Unlike say in Bombay where one just keeps coming across glowing reports of how utterly butterly wonderful everyone is. And how people mind their own business and how industrious the junta here is, and how everybody is whirring about on hyperspeed. Except Bombay has changed a lot over the last few years, and people seem to be in a suspsended state of denial.

Of course I understand that dirt in a city is a by-product of the number of people it supports, so I won’t even talk about the overwhelming stench on the roads, or how people lack civic sense anyway. However, what disturbs me is the evidence of anger, rage and violent elitism that I come across almost everyday.

Three years back when we used to go for movies in Bombay, they seemed to be comparitively pleasurable. In Delhi, one was treated to a lot of comments coming from the audience. Well, now, Bombay is no better!

Sample this.

Two weekends back, Sri and I went for “D” the movie. A big drunk ass sat right behind us and in a loud booooooming voice kept right on with his comments, and seemed to exhibit unwanted knowledge about the film industry, and telling his little *chamcha* how and why someone got the specific part. But what really bugged me was that other than Sri and I NOBODY (and the damn hall was full!) said anything to this lout! I shifted in my seat and made suitable *sshhh* sounds. Nothing. That guy carries on with his loudmouth amplifier. Sri loses cool and shouts at the guy. The guy shouts back and threatens to do all sorts of things to him. Meanwhile, the audience carries on.

Welcome to Bombay, the land of the spineless! And this wasn’t your average Delhi crowd from Bihar experiencing city life in great awe and therefore belching in sort of rudeness, but a guy spouting English and drunk breath. Very obviously, learning the Queen’s language doesn’t make a lesser ass of anyone. But it is the pretension in Bombay that is getting to me. Like they don’t bother about the greener grass, cause well, we don’t have cows on the roads like they do in Delhi.

And yesterday, the same damn thing happened. Through the movie (Parineeta) we had an idiot sitting next to us making the vaguest noises, a fool sitting behind us who wouldn’t stop commenting loudly, and an audience that ignored them.

When I pay 135 INR for a ticket, I better get to watch the movie in quiet!

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  1. Anand Srini says:

    Perhaps the flick did not have enough gangsters in its plot so the misbehaving and contemptible bloke behind you had to play his part to plug the gaps.

    seriously these twerps must be escorted out on grounds of public nuisance.