rage, rage.. against the dying of the light

This post was originally meant as a comment on a post on Uma’s Blog. When the length threatened to spill over and come off the screen’s sides, it decided to make its appearance thus..

Rape, sexual abuse, child abuse are very uncomfortable things to talk about. I will never take that away. Especially because half the world is suffering from the pain of having been a victim directly or indirectly, and the other half is the rapist and wouldn’t choose to talk about it anyway.

I realize now that very few people are even lucky to witness a dialogue on what rape, forced sex or abuse means, because the newspapers only report events, and refuse to discuss the context within which sexual crimes are prevalent. Try talking about it in public, and people want to shut you up by stuffing labels on your forehead.. ‘Feminst’, ‘Femi-Nazi’, ‘Arty Farty’, ‘Homosexual’, ‘Sissy’, ‘Social Type’.. or in Uma’s case, ‘Venom Spewing’!

So here we have, in our very own democratic blogosphere, not feedback on what Uma has to say, but questioning why someone should report these crimes anyway? I am shocked by the comment of made by the author of this blog who thinks that people talk of illicit sex (his words not mine!) only for titillation. Further he parodies reporting cases of sexual abuse by commenting on this post, by saying …

Update 5: There is strong apprehension that, in some village of Rajasthan, two parents are contemplating revenging their 11-year-old daughter’s defiance of them in eating ice-cream; it is alleged that they will ask the men of the village to gangrape her. It is also believed that the grandfather of the girl insists that he must have the girl first.
Update 6: It is reported that a doctor in Aizwal has grown so irritated of newborn babies crying that he intends to rape every girl child born that cries.

While I usually would dismiss such comments by waving a hand and saying, Just don’t read the blog then!, the attitude is sickening, and makes me angry. Unfortunately, in India we are fed on this huge myth that this attitude is more reflective of an the others.

Rape… is NOT funny. It isn’t about someone mothers or daughters, but it is about women, who are not keepers of the society’s virginity/ honour, but keepers of their own bodies. It is OKAY to talk about rape, and bring to light incidents that are lost in the darkness of second page columns. And those who are bothered by an honest discussion are shackled by their denial and selfishness.

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