Love, actually, really, must-be!

The capacity to forget is strange. Souls on exile carelessly forget that they are in fact, on exile. And when they go back to their towns, cities and homes – you struggle to remember the vague oddities that made it home in the first place. Meanings, cuelines, silences and comfort food must be discovered all over again.

I am sitting and watching popcorn(y), wonderful movie. Love Actually. I saw this movie on one of those nights in Bombay when it actually gets cold. A slow chill sets in, and you find yourself in the middle of exams, with assignments piling one on top of each other on your desktop. In a sea of bookmarks, links, towers of books – the struggle to catch sanity as it dives out of balconies.

So almost one-third into the night, a few weeks before the thesis (yes… that many paged wonder that was read by only two souls finally!), two of my friends and I, tired of hearing radio FM and click-clack on keyboards, decided to go for a movie. I had a horrible cold, and a halfway fever. You know halfway fevers right? You know you have a fever, and you know you are all hot from the inside, but everybody who slaps a spare back-of-hand on your neck and forehead insists that you are absolutely cold!

We found a latenight bus, and prayed we’d get tickets to a movie. ANY movie!

And so SC, PA and I found ourselves curled up in uncomfortable seats – in a full theatre watching a soppy movie. Just what the doctor ordered! And I fed myself cup-after-cup of hot corn. (Butter and pepper – if you must know!) And came out of the hall, hurriedly called Sri. That movie put me back on the sop-list. Mushed and Flushed. A call made to a sleepy man does not always yield positive results. But if you are coughing, sneezing and calling to say the sleeping man is the source of all joy – the call MAY not backfire.

So here I am. Middle of the week. Alone at dinnertime. While he’s out to some work-related dinner. Was somewhat angry at 19:59 hrs. And then this movie, starts at 20:00 hrs. And it pulls me out of my exile. The cues are back in place. I am almost ready to make that call.

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  1. mdnkc says:

    Did SC and PA feel corny and lovesick too ?