happy birthday google!

The GOOG (which is how you’d know it if you started paying attention to it once the NASDAQ fell in love with it!) is now seven years old! There is enough evidence to suggest that Google placed its paws on Sep 7 1998, but the cake got here today! (Well, whenever you want to celebrate dude!). And they decided to gift us a little something as well!

I like Google! It’s hard not to like a company whose corporate Motto is ‘Don’t Be Evil‘. It’s also hard not to like them since I blog at Blogger, use Gmail extensively, and learnt cooking only because I kept Googling for recipes. And since birthdays make us so nostalgic, you could play around at Archive.org for more!

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0 Responses to happy birthday google!

  1. uma says:

    plus they let you bring your dog to work. :))


  2. PLUS+ they got some addictive cakes at the googleplex!

    apart from that… its Go Google Go!


  3. Anand Zhao says:

    Google’s software is simply addictive. I relish using their products and hope for its continued innovation and spirit of excellence. May the chinese enjoy google as much as i do !

    such is the trust i have in this firm that i try their products without batting an eyelid.