“You got them too?” said the dog!

It is the job of every citizen to keep his mouth open – Gunther Grass

And with those words, we enable commenting! But basic rules apply – No hatespeech, no exchange of phone numbers, no spells. No biting, some snapping. Lizards, bats and dragonflies are always welcome. Don’t get personal. Bark all ya like! Oh and incidentally, if you want to know more about the Barking Dog, you can always take a peek here.
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0 Responses to “You got them too?” said the dog!

  1. uma says:

    yay! you have comments! i have wanted to comment so many times, but by the time i get around to sending you email, i forget…


  2. sajith says:


    Is thoughtcrime allowed?

    (Yay! I’m third here! :D)


  3. km says:

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    Good to see kaaa-ments back on. Eagerly awaiting the Khushbooites.