Rosa Parks (1913 – 2005)

There are many fences in the world. Fences that alienate, isolate and insult. We spend most of our indifferent to these fences, because it’s mostly just too hard to challenge, and continue challenging. Some of us are even fence sitters. But one woman who sat on a seat and refused to budge was Rosa Parks. What a Woman!!

How does it matter to someone who grew up in the heart of middle class comfort in India, who Rosa Parks was and what the cause was all about. Because it’s all human history. And there are milestones that are relevant not only because they significant for that particular race, sex, orientation or group – but because they are pathbreaking for other groups. Goodnight Rosa – And thanks for the incredible busride!

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  1. kalien says:

    Well said Neha. Very few of us have the courage to stand for our convictions and right a wrong. Viva Rosa.