Blog Quake Day

Today is Blog Quake Day. As DesiPundit puts it – We request each of you to make a small post about the earthquake, and direct your readers to a suitable avenue for donating to the relief efforts.

Please keep in mind that if you already donate to some worthy cause, you should continue to donate to them, and not donate from that pool of funds. It would be great if you could give up on one of your habits for just today and donate that money for the 8 Oct 2005 Earthquake victims and reconstruction.

Here goes – Unicef, CARE, Oxfam and International Rescue Committee
are some of the deserving organisations that you could donate to.

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0 Responses to Blog Quake Day

  1. Justine says:

    I came by too late to put it on my blog, but it still does good just having it there on yours.

    I tried to donate some warm clothing via the Pakistani embassy – they were so unhelpful. I guess embassies are always overworked/understaffed. I’ll find an avenue, soon enough.