Bomb blasts in Delhi

Bomb blasts in Delhi. Fortunately the family is safe. This has been a turbulent year for the sub-continent. I cannot imagine the grief of those who have lost loved ones or witnessed this act of terror. The festival of lights feels shadowed. Our prayers for everyone and the city.

MainStreamMedia News reports at The Hindu, The Hindustan Times, the BBC and NDTV.

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0 Responses to Bomb blasts in Delhi

  1. Arz000n says:

    Its sick to see what happened..infact as I type this comment, ma bro is watching Star NEws and I can hear its regarding bomb blast only.

    Thank god…I came back home from ma delhi trip few weeks back…

    Anyway…hope things settle back soon and whoeva did that, rott in hell.

    Happy Diwali!!


  2. Imran Hashmi says:

    it was abnoxious any 1 who did it