Remembering Delhi

On Saturday, when I heard about the bomb blasts in Delhi, memories of 1997 ran crazy in my head. Looking under the bus seats became a habit. The collective memory of Delhi includes accounts of violence, terrorism and accidental fires.

But what do you expect of a city that has its lanes filled with political refugees, invaders, run-away criminals and witty alcoholic poets? The amnesia of the city is apparent even now. The city goes on – in love with anything that shines and glitters. And the djinns must wonder if the city is crumbling after all.

To remember my city I must then turn to black and white, for no memory can capture the colours enough.

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0 Responses to Remembering Delhi

  1. K says:

    You know somethi ng, this city will never crumble. We may not hold it in the same esteem and regard as Athens or Rome, but Delhi is a city that dates back several millenia unlike any of the other metros in India and it has survived worse than some demented idiots blowing up civilians. Yet, everyday I have to hear tons of people say how Delhi sucks. Poor souls don’t know the first thing about Delhi. I believe in this city, and its nice to find someone else who does too.


  2. Sudarshan says:

    Thats right…Delhi has taken a beating, but it will never bend to the will of these dastardly terrorists!!


  3. Pareshaan says:

    Of course Delhi will live on and prosper, no doubts in my mind. I just hope this time around they make somebody pay.
    Nice post,bad times, nevertheless, Wish you a very happy Diwali.


  4. Shirazi says:

    Sad on this. And wish you happy Diwali.


  5. My grandfather lived here, as did my father (before partition). I have heard so many stories and heard so much about Delhi.

    I hope someday (very soon) I get a chance to travel to India. Delhi would be the first place I would go. Soon (God willing).

    My prayers go out to the families who lost their loved ones in this senseless act. No logic, no religion, and no amount of political avarice justifies this act of fanatic lunacy.