Global Voices Online update

Global Voices Online won a BOB award from Deutsche Welle. GV has a post on this. Ethan has a hilarious take on this. The next piece of brilliant news is that GV is having a summit in London on the 10th of December 2005. It would be great to put a face (a 3D one) to many of the co-regional editors and bloggers, and ideas are sure to be flying about in quite a few directions. Woo-Hoo! (All your GV are belong to us!)

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  1. Sunny says:

    ooh! are non GV people allowed to attend?


  2. neha vish says:

    Definitely. Especially if you are based in London, it would be easy for you to hop in. (Sponsorship problems could come up otherwise.)

    Suggest you mail Rebecca or Ethan.


  3. LOL.. it’s all your Base belong to us!

    and anyways all your GV belongs to Google

    looking forward to the december meet!


  4. neha vish says:


    I am a desi PUN-dit. 😀


  5. sonia says:

    i was quite disappointed to see the conventional and institutional nature of this ‘summit’ – it sounded like a great idea otherwise.


  6. neha vish says:


    Conventional? (I suggest you read GVO first!)Institutional??

    Are you throwing about words because they sound good to throw about? GV summit is to specifically discuss two things. The various blogospheres and GV’s role and context. I think it’s pretty useless to have a free-for-all summit where everyone has wonderful ideas – but there is no established forum to hear them or implement them.

    Yes, in a great sense – this summit is to look back at how far GV has travelled over one year, and it’s role in promoting the global discourse by encouraging free speech and blogging. If that – is conventional or institutional for you – so be it.


  7. Dina Mehta says:

    hey Neha … see you there. and fantastic to know Angelo will be there too. big big smile.


  8. neha vish says:

    :)) Unfortunately Angelo will be a remote-participant – on IRC. Ess BIG smile – will finally see you (After all those failed plans!).


  9. Yea… i guess i should have specified how i was gonna be there :=D…

    would’ve loved to participate in person but the semester ends the week before xmas :(….

    sad that there isn’t any live cam broadcast this time around….yes i know it can load ppl’s net connections up…

    Oh well! i bet it’s still gonna be a blast! I wonder why they chose reuters’ HQ instead of Camden Town 🙂