How to have a great year!

My last post for 2005.

Great year. Got married. (Wow!) Boyfriend became Husband. Boyfriend remains Best Friend.

Found job. Moved from Hyderabad to Delhi. Delhi to Bombay. Moved into a new home by the sea. Bombay to London. Moved into a new home by the River Thames. Found job.

Became a louder voice. Became a pundit. Believe in the power of blogs and in the craziness of blog-buddies.

I didn’t make a single resolution for 2005, and I can safely tell you that it was pretty much one of the best years since 1982. (When I turned a year old.) I wasn’t limited by small goals scribbled on the last day of a thin year. I didn’t count the days. That’s how you have a great year – Don’t plan it. 🙂 Don’t make resolutions to dilute your fate and the possible opportunity in that extra slice of pizza or helping of idli.

Above all, a year goes by much faster and with much joy when you have someone to share it with. Sri, the master of Shaolin Temple for Joy, Giggles and Potatoes is sitting next to me – as we watch a vague (but very funny) movie. Happy New Year from the Master and I. May 2006 be a year full of quirky news, laughter and luck for you!

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0 Responses to How to have a great year!

  1. Pradyot says:

    Happy new year!


  2. NaiKutti says:

    Have a wonderful and peaceful year ahead Neha!


  3. vaibhav says:

    Was good to read what happend in your life in 2005.

    Happy new year… hope 2006 is good for you!


  4. Good word to new beginnings, that’s what New Year, is all about. Your 2005 spells out all the great happenings of your life and “Neha” I wish you a blessed new year, with all the success life could bestow upon you, as Success follows Success!


  5. First Rain says:

    Have a smashing 2006!


  6. Pareshaan says:

    Nice nice – here’s hoping that 2006 does not dissappoint either


  7. oso says:

    Talk about a great year. I also hope that your 2006 is even better.


  8. LAK says:

    Congrats on your marriage(I don’t know which part of 2005 that was) Happy new Year!


  9. charu says:

    what a happy state – to be best friends with the one you married. hope your 2006 and all coming years are as good or better…


  10. sumz says:

    To call that an action-packed year would be an understatement i guess. 🙂

    Here’s wishing you a lot more adventures, more blogs and a wonderful married life in 2006!!