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One down!

One year ago today, Sri and I (literally) tied the knot. 🙂 Happy Anniversary and all! To monkeys, potatoes, movies, daags and a little russian dancing! Note – Anniversary sounds so formal no? Kids can’t say Kalyanam (trans. Wedding) so … Continue reading

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Kadai – Kavya, Anant and other monkeys

While drawing deep breaths and struggling for space on the London Underground today – my mind wandered to Anant and Kavya. The sort of monkeys that some stories are, they cling to your limbs and tug at your hair. I … Continue reading

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Rang De Basanti … Some thoughts

Perhaps the fundamental problem is that I had very high expectations from this movie. The blogosphere was raving and ranting about it. How brilliant it was. How different it was. And how it took their breath away. It is different. … Continue reading

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Now that Hamas has won

BBC terms the victory of Hamas in Palestinian election as a conundrum. And that is one of the more polite terms being heard. There seems to be a strong sense of defeat even as democracy is exercised. Global Voices has … Continue reading

Posted in Random Links is up and about. The most interesting bit about this venture is that it seems very committed about the focus on South Asia. Scouting for blogs and conversations about the larger context of South Asia is a hard task. … Continue reading

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The Half-Eaten Poet Wonders

The poet inside tattooed on alien tongue. Open Palm, Hand or Leaf upon which an ancestor wrote. My poetry as always has been scattered. From the vision of a black beret, to the sudden appearance of a hungry bread-loving bird. … Continue reading

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City Leaves

He said Streets were littered with your ex-loves, regrets and falling leaves. The others being rooted in spiritscapes couldn’t be urged to come. I bring you this, a gift of leaves, The thick lines of which sing like your palm’s. … Continue reading

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