Rani Muthu Calendar and 2006

One of the fixtures of a Hindu Tam household was a Rani Muthu Daily Sheet Calendar. The First Day of the New Year would see the replacement of the old calendar with the new one. The calendar had a cherubic, rosy-cheeked and under-age Lord Murugan with a benevolent lip-sticky smile. Right below the blessing hand and vel, each date had one sheet. Obviously, you tore off a sheet a day. The sheet not only had a date, but a galaxy of information such as auspicious hours, inauspicious hours, corresponding date in the Hindu calendar, vague festivals that no one had heard of. My mother had a habit of tearing off the sheet as a matter of “rituals before sleeping”, so she could smile into Murugan’s face with the corresponding date of the day shining bright.
I remembered the calendar today as we struggled to breathe in the very crowded East Ham temple. They were selling similar calendars for 3 GBP each. You can still find the Rani Muthu Calendar in all of Tamizh Nadu and Indian cities with a sizable Tamizh population. A memory was triggered. Of flipping the sheets till you could see your birthday. Of circled dates. Of a new calendar taken fresh out its plastic wrapping. Things that stay the same year after year. A simple calendar that placed on any wall, could remind you of home. If only for a brief instant when you didn’t look at all the other walls. I found this solitary sheet online somewhere after googling for images. I wish I could get hold of that slightly kitschy Rani Muthu motif, but for now – a single sheet for the July 30 2005 will have to do.

** Update – Today morning my Dad sent me a mail, with the picture of the Calendar after reading this post. He made my day! Rani Muthu Calendar now graces my virtual home as well! 🙂

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  1. Anand Srinivasan says:

    we take delight in bearing a heavy heart with thoughts of the bygone days. This calendar has very flimsy paper which could easily get stained when touched with a few fingers that had guided tirunelveli halwa into one’s gob. It not only instilled piety but also served as a n almanac.


  2. Such a detail in life’s dailiness has fascinating qualities . . .


  3. shrik says:

    3 GBP?!

    We get them for free from practically any shop here in Chennai…

    And old sheets can be used for holding little things..


  4. Jupe says:

    30/7/2005 says Perumai for Mithunam… now wot did i do that day *scratches head in frustration* – I AM getting old 😦

    Happy New Year Negaah maami 🙂


  5. NaiKutti says:

    nicely written… now, anything u want is on google :-)… as someone already said, now these daily sheet calendars are given freely at many shops as complements for purchases u make (not that its expensive).


  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. sakreha says:

    Another one from nostalgiosphere



  8. Good ol Rani Muthu! I used to tear and keep the pages of my birthday and other important days for many years!

    Happy New Year btw 🙂


  9. Wicked Angel says:

    Nice post Neha. I am still waiting for my calender to arrive from India, I do like those daily sheets. It holds a lot of info


  10. thennavan says:

    Neha, you made my day too with this post 🙂 (for a virtual Tamil calendar, you can get it from sysindia. You can find one on TJ’s site http://thenathans.blogspot.com).


  11. Adengappa !! says:

    3GBP for a calender!??!-Adengappa !


  12. neha vish says:

    🙂 Great response! Thank you all!


  13. Kaps says:

    the Rani muthu calendar seems to have lost its popularity in recent times. One of the reason could be that the various neighbourhood stores in TN have started coming out with their own daily sheet calendars.


  14. charu says:

    oh yes, naal kizhikkara calender it was called at my place – all details to carry on a normal pious (if they seem contradictory words to us, they were not to my grandmom) life on the pages – rahu kalam, muhurtam what not 🙂


  15. Siri says:

    I can very well understand the sentiments of a constant calendar experience…am from bangalore and here “Bangalore Press” calendars rule in every tamil iyengar household 🙂
    grt post..interesting blog


  16. This post shd have come on April 13th not Dec 31st.