Under The Banyan Tree

The unfolding of the banyan
tree, in so many syllables
like the haiku,

He wrote for her.
Yawning soul of tree then
swishes elephant trunks to

Root into the open earth
and closed sky. Adjectives
ruin love to string,

Horoscopes unmatched declare the
games played on inky squares,
baring secrets of previous lives.

Queries come for her, the
one of marriageable age, his
love meanwhile, swinging swish from

The Banyan Tree.

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0 Responses to Under The Banyan Tree

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is something about this poem that reminds me of RK Narayan and Vikram Seth. Need I tell you what a compliment that is?

    It’s a very strong poem, but I am afraid the cultural references to it are so stark and so moving, that someone from otuside th eculture would find it hard to relate to its intensity.

    Write on.


  2. km says:

    “swinging swish from the Banyan tree” – me likes!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Have the stiff upper lipped Brits taught you ‘chile’ (American Southern for ‘baccha’ etc), the ways of punctuation? These poems read very well. One delta suggestion: push the ‘the’s into the next line, i.e., enjamb before.



  4. neha vish says:

    Anon1: Malgudi and Golden Gate in one breath. I consider that quite impossible. 🙂 Amazing, but impossible.

    km: Slightly Hanumanish… Don’t you think.

    Anon2: The stiff upper lipped Brits seemed to have taught my ancestors their tongue.. and my punctuation seems to originate from the syntax of mother and father tongues…I tried pushing the “the” into the next line – but the poem has a mind of it’s own and won’t agree. Mental separation of “the” increases the incidence of the next line. Or so it feels.. But Delta suggestion much appreciated.. Will tell poem next time..