The Half-Eaten Poet Wonders

The poet inside tattooed
on alien tongue. Open
Hand or Leaf upon which
an ancestor wrote.

My poetry as always has been scattered. From the vision of a black beret, to the sudden appearance of a hungry bread-loving bird. Or hallucinations. Anything. So here, for the ungentle-st of readers who hopefully scavenge among the 600 plus posts for truncated sentences that maybe termed poetry, I present, the un-bound post of Within / Without poetry, even if vaguely suspicious. (“And that”, puffed the carpet – “Was an example of an unnecessarily long sentence!”)

Let’s not fool ourselves. Who cares about poetry anyway?

But more than for “others”, this post has been compiled because of the basic inefficiency of Blogger that doesn’t allow me to categorize posts and as a record for myself. All of these are not even half-way decent. Some of them are unadulterated crap! When do I write more and when do I drop off? And is London eating up the poet in me? I must rescue the poet from this city.

Dear London, won’t you please vomit out the poet you’ve half-eaten?

Jul 2004
Five drops of rain, Vaguely yours…, In your (ear), Afternoon, blue and you, A little after Afternoon, purple and you

Aug 2004
Glue water blue, Epidermia, Ambi, Vague/ Ambiguous?

Sep 2004
A long gone poem, Homer and a South Indian War, Pakora Weather .. Post Aquinas and Sartre

Nov 2004
Almost a Sufi Wish…

Dec 2004
Naked People and my Sweetie Pie, An arbit piece of string, How love sat precariously, Almost two years back, Just Another Poem (JAP), Eight, And a Bit of Old Pain, Owl, moon and Stupid Poem, A Phone Conversation, Rattle, Shit and Deep Fears, Talentless Refrains, Fears, revisited, Yet Again, On Borrowed Sentiments, Shiver, On Fearing Domesticity, Sleepy Song

Jan 2005
A humble surf, Undone, On a particular stay…, Ode to Delhi, Self-Deprecation, What afternoon sleepiness inspires.., Somewhat borrowed, mostly mine, Almost evil rant, Stupid, It’s Me, Buddha in the dark, A random phone call, Gulmohar,
Arbit Phase – More Vogon, Mumbling of dreams, Tonight, On Flaws, On living off others, Someone Sleeping, A rant on knowing, unknowing, Poems in the cold, Cloud Burst

Feb 2005
On Looking, Night and Morning, Post Marriage. Yet, Dinner these days, Where we live, Room with a view, Clay and Rust, On night yap, A certain vacuum, Nausea, Brown suds of miracle soap, Nausea 2, wing to moodswing, Ode to Krishna, How the morning raga was born, Subtle, Sudden realization, Versova – Reflections, Monkey speak, Proving, Unproving, Forgotten references, Sparrow

Mar 2005
Arbit, Mismanaged, Weekend Vogon Poetry, Some vague feeling, arithmetic for dummies, on some days, a take on flight, deep inside, sequence, verse, a dam of colour…, other pursuits.., about a city.., to a khanabadosh

Apr 2005
cryptic love poem, meeting points.., tea leaves and drain, old poems.., neha gets worse at poetry.., muse-hunting, what happened next – 3 notes

May 2005
And, or, me, giant flutter, city blues and muds, unadulterated BS, big fat feet, writing

Jun 2005

Jul 2005
the perils of umemployment, jazz food from tower hill

Aug 2005
More on the Gherkin, remembrance, love via gastria, Rain, Memory and other Wrecks, poem for a husband

Sep 2005
while in Leicester Square, ode to weather

Oct 2005
Ruins of the market

Nov 2005
technicolour childhood

Dec 2005
Of five years

Jan 2006
Under The Banyan Tree, The Ruins of Childhood, City Leaves

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0 Responses to The Half-Eaten Poet Wonders

  1. Percy says:

    If you want tagging (categories) on Blogspot, you can try Performancing for Firefox.

    Otherwise, move to and you can tag your posts without any problems. I suspect you’ll take the former option. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Rk says:

    WP WP WP …:)


  3. Sanket says:

    Who cares about poetry anyway?

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all those links. Will go through, eventually.


  4. oso says:

    I happen to be a very big fan of your poetry. It’s a lovely break from all the technological blabber one must sift through online.


  5. neha vish says:

    Percy: Thank you. And you suspect right. I’ve been on here too long. I really like WP but I think it would make more sense to use WP on my own domain.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Rk: Yes yes!
    Rajesh and Sanket: Thanks.
    oso: I suppose I am unable to see a disconnect between the side that is tech-curious and the side that is “poetic”.


  6. Rezwan says:

    Thanks for the links! This is an awesome treasure. Will look at them at leisure.

    Have you ever thought of publishing some collected ones?


  7. neha vish says:

    Rezwan: When they get that good – I hope to. As of now – They are severely amateruish. ๐Ÿ™‚