Now that Hamas has won

BBC terms the victory of Hamas in Palestinian election as a conundrum. And that is one of the more polite terms being heard. There seems to be a strong sense of defeat even as democracy is exercised. Global Voices has a post with some links to blog-talk in the region. There should be more coverage as people recover from the shock and write.

An interesting reaction from blogger Shaden

I do not see Hamas being as bad as some would like to show though, seems like anything with the word “Islam” mentioned somewhere will make some people panic and throw a fit.

Bottom line, that’s what Palestinians inside want, you either support them or not but don’t think you have the right to choose for them (or speak for them for that matter).

Sabbah points out to some factors in the election that I find quite interesting, given that demographics of so many developing countries change with migration.

While this is the situation in Palestine, we have to keep in mind that this elections represent ONLY Palestinians inside Palestine. Not a single vote was cast by millions of Palestinian living in the Diaspora. This is another lesson Fateh should learn.

I save one of the best links for the last. The Black Iris has an excellent post – reflection on reactions after the win.

One of the major arguements or rather fears is that Hamas will turn Palestine into an ultra-conservative Muslim state (state as in state of mind). In my opinion this is doubtful. Let us keep in mind that Hamas did and does have the power to dominate Palestine with violence, today it’s been voted in democratically. This isn’t exactly Afghans voting in the Taliban. Palestinians know what they’re getting… n the end, Hamas has come to represent everything every other political group in Palestine is not: resistance. And this is what it boils down to. It’s easy to talk about negotiations and 2 state solutions but in practice it’s very difficult to actually sit down and implement…. We as outsiders consistantly make the mistake of framing Palestine as an actual state with citizens. In the process we forget this is a people and a land that is being occupied. Like it or not, disagree with it or not, it doesn’t negate the fact that this is true. Reality dictates as such. And for every action there needs to be some form of reaction; Hamas has come to define that reaction.

The win reiterates the obvious. The more you delay negotiations, the higher the factor of “restlessness” in resistance. Bear in mind – Restlessness is always unpredictable.

Deutsche Welle rounds up Europe’s response and NY Times has a take on the financial crisis looming ahead given the victor’s past and current state of aid.

So Gentle Readers – Please choose. On some days – you have to either lose your faith in humanity or loose your faith in democracy. For the faithless ones – Did I mention you were lucky?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    well done neha
    the last link was really good


  2. The lighter side of the Palestinian election, as only National Nitwit can provide.


  3. abhishek says:

    I believe one person CAN do wonder..
    but needs to be too focused..
    and needs a gang of ppl around with very strong belief??
    what say??


  4. km says:

    Great post, Neha.

    I think the Hamas issue is completely out of whack, esp. as it is portrayed in the western media. I spoke to this Palestinian guy – a regular, hard-working, peace-loving Palestinian making a living in America. According to him (and many Palestinians), Arafat’s party was the corrupt, power-hungry party and Hamas was the true vox populi.



  5. hamas is synonymous with violence. the palestinians have been raised on a diet of hatred and struggle. will the hamas now renounce violence and take up the rightful cause of their brethren by sitting at the negotiating table ? the exit of the brutal sharon may be the harbinger for a peaceful settlement.

    I recommend Steven Spielberg’s flick Munich which is a chilling account of the sequence of events that followed the murder of 11 israeli athletes at the munich olympics.

    “Pothuvaaga Enn Manasu thangam oru pettiyinnu vandhuvitta singam”

    its translation in english is

    normally my heart is gold
    but when i come to debate i am a lion

    our beloved superstar of tamilnadu is the only hope for humanity. he will show us the path for the future.

    watch chandramukhi the greatest movie ever made which enthralled audiences not just in india but also in nippon.

    we want super star to intervene in the long standing conflict on the gaza strip and bring about a peaceful denouement.

    annanukku jai !

    vazhga tamizhagam valarga valamudan !

    neha vazhga nalamudan vazhga

    you are the pride of tamilians ! write about the super star. we must worship him.