Avian flu infected poultry in India

India’s first Bird Flu case has been confirmed with samples from dead poulty being tested. So far no humans have been reported with the infection. It appears to be of the H5N1 subtype, though more samples have been sent to a lab in Bhopal for a final confirmation. Reports suggest that between 5o,000 to 150,000 birds have been affected. The infection has been spotted in Nandurbar district in Maharashtra (Gujarat – Maharashtra). The area has big poultry farms, and ten of them seem of have been infected. The authorities have cordoned off a 3 kms radius area. (Experts suggest it should be between 5 and 10 kms radius.) All the poultry in this area will have to be slaughtered to contain the infection.

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0 Responses to Avian flu infected poultry in India

  1. DrPolitics says:

    I hope and pray that India will not have human losses, as a result of avian flu infected poultry.


  2. I had chicken biryani for lunch today and then i turned on the TV.

    I hope I and the other one billion folks.. my estimate- 60 crore meat eaters in this country get by this safely and celebrate with a tandoori chicken.

    sorry for the random comment


  3. Raajk says:

    Hmm..inime yaarum nimmadhiyaa chicken mudiyaadhu !