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Khirkee Masjid, the Sultanate and you

Khirkee Masjid. The Mosque with Windows. When Delhi air spies upon the faithful (windows), and breath carries prayers. Inside this closed (open) Mosque, I find you as I once knew you. If every prayer uttered be carved upon the walls, … Continue reading

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gurgaon, birds, city-village and other ruins

Gurgaon. Dust rises from construction site and loam. All my songs have been sung for Delhi. I’ve never lived in Gurgaon. If you’ve been in Delhi all your life, you’re almost whispery about it. That you have moved out to … Continue reading

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Release Hao Wu

My colleague at Global Voices – Hao Wu, who blogs at Beijing or Bust, has been detained by the Beijing division of China’s State Security Bureau on the afternoon of Wednesday, Febuary 22, 2006. Hao Wu is the East Asia … Continue reading

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Blogmeets or Remains of the day

Sunday evening in Delhi was well spent with bloggers who have been read for a long time now. Shivam who was the host came rather late, but we forgave him as he organized it in the first place. Monica and … Continue reading

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Delhi Blogmeet Reminder

Delhi Blogmeet Reminder – 19th March at 1630 hours at Costa Coffee in Connaught Place. See you there! 🙂

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In which Neha does a podcast

Kamla and I got interacting because of my work with Global Voices. So here it is – Kamla and I in conversation as a podcast. Among other things I discuss “ME”, blogs, South Asia and blogging etc. For some time, … Continue reading

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Hyderabad remembered in verse

The hunt for home, and the invisible Musi began all at once. The same night, Kohl-ed eyes of Quli Qutb Shah, danced towards a particular real estate agent, Signed. Rented. Curtained. My mother studied here, I whisper to the autowalla, … Continue reading

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