In which Neha does a podcast

Kamla and I got interacting because of my work with Global Voices.

So here it is – Kamla and I in conversation as a podcast. Among other things I discuss “ME”, blogs, South Asia and blogging etc.

For some time, we have been exchanging notes on nearly everything in the online and offline world. She’s from the Himalayas and grew up in Madras, I am from Madras and grew up in the North. This jigsaw of identities makes conversation a delight with her. While I have ample to talk about when it comes to North Indians, she has anecdotal evidence (she insists scientific evidence is on its way as well) on Iyers. Other than Web 2.0, Kamla is a great information point for sourcing Indian vegetables and spices in foreign lands, weather related blues and “oh the husband” stories. Her personal blog is here and she also contributes to Global Voices.

She does incredible podcasts that I link to regularly. Authors, bollywood fans, corporates, street vendors in New York – she talks with ease and nudges them to engage in a conversation. When she suggested she interview me for a podcast, I had to overcome my (ahem!) podcastfright. With her – it really was easy-peasy.

Thanks Kamla! 🙂

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  1. Neha —
    it’s delightful, the podcast!
    I guess this is the first podcast I’ve listened to (not on an iPod — don’t have one — but simply downloaded and enjoying while slouching on an elbow at home).

    The simple device of dividing the 2 voices of the interview between left & right channels works nicely.

    Hearing the voice of a blogger is a good idea! — it really enlivens one’s sense of the expressivity of the person. I rather think this is a thing more bloggers may do well to consider (as a kind of further “about me” option, if nothing else) . . .

    Your remarks about the Diasporan Indian, good points . . . —

    “Social software tools” a phrase unfamiliar & interesting.

    (I hear that she subtly edited the recording a bit — cutting out some pauses and such likely.)

    The drama of he clip is found when you describe the genesis of the disaster-relief blog(s).

    The interviewer is nicely observant! & amusing. A good blogo-reporter in the radio sphere.

    congrats on the (perhaps) audio debut



  2. RaajK says:

    // podcastfright //

    No need at all. It was a pleasure listening to you,really.


  3. Another self-confessed open source geek!

    Am sending you the Ubuntu CD set [UK postal address] to get you on Linux – easy set up, just pop the disc in and voila!


    BTW… yo mic echoes 😀


  4. km says:

    She reads 2 million blogs a day!

    *eyes widen in amazement*

    Very nice podcast, Neha.


  5. sajith says:

    OMG, podoshpere!


  6. MumbaiGirl says:

    Nice. You have a nice voice! Am from LSR too, as am sure you’ve guessed. But would have been in thrid year when you were in first I think.
    My eyes would fall out if I looked at as many blogs as you…!


  7. It was pleasure listening to your interview Neha, enjoyed it very much.

    You sounded wonderful!


  8. bharat says:

    I call this redundancy, but still, here goes nothin’

    Nice voice.

    Panning is kinda funny on earphones. am reminded of Mum and Dad standing on either side and shouting into my ears except that this time around it’s pleasant and not simultaneous.

    Looks like Kamla had a nice time.