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Bollywood, Mainstream and the West

Went out for a movie last night – Inside Man. The movie was more than just mildly entertaining, and we had reasonable fun pre-empting most of the plot and scenes. As always, Sri and I have this amazing and magnetic … Continue reading

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Describing you, feeding fish and tonight

I must describe you tonight, before it ends for words then melt at some hour in the morning. But then these syllables they surface, like fish feed in the aquarium. Some sink, others float Then nourish your golden self. My … Continue reading

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Reading, writing and tweaking poetry

I just finished reading a wonderful and insightful post at River’s Blue Elephants. She talks of poetry and the online medium. I find the constant self-referentiality, the constant linking to archival material within an author’s blog very interesting. The immediacy … Continue reading

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Native language, mother tongue and my tongue

What is my mother tongue? For a long time I used to write Tamizh (Tamil). Today as I was filling in one particular job application form, the term Mother Tongue was defined as “Mother Tongue is defined as the language … Continue reading

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We Media 2006 and fringe events

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while. We Media 2006 is scheduled for the first week of May 2006 in London. It was held last year in New York. From the website The We Media Global Forum … Continue reading

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Tags and censorship

As it gets harder to keep track of sites that get censored, tagging them might make for an easy archive to go through. This one is for China. So you could tag sites/ blog with GFW (Great Firewall of China). … Continue reading

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London Underground, grinning man and ipods

London has its surprises. One of them I discovered was bonhomie and let’s-indulge-in-subversion generosity. In the evening I casually placed my travel card on the reader at Green Park station to find that my funds had been depleted. With a … Continue reading

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