Blogswana, AIDS and an African Country

Curt Hopkins of Morpheme Tales introduces Blogswana – a project on Botswana, AIDS and Blogging. From his post

The idea is to bring voices from the far side of the digital divide into the global conversation and to rehumanize AIDS in a time where the west has seen AIDS-related mortality decline. By blogging about a person first, the disease will be seen again, we hope, in terms of its human context. AIDS in Africa is, for many in the west, a combination of statistics and abstract tragedy.

Being confronted with a world in which you either have it or you don’t (or you don’t know) must feel overwhelming to some people. We would like to create a blog site in which the reader is informed, not bludgeoned. We would like the blogs to be about the ordinary men and women of Botswana with the same concerns, hopes and dreams as the viewer. Some of these concerns will undoubtedly have to do with HIV/AIDS, but such concerns will not make up the entirety of the blogs. Reading about a sympathetic individual who is wrestling with an AIDS related issue may help the reader to come to terms with a similar issue themselves.

I know of Lives in Focus in India (which has been featured here before) that does something similar. But definitely not on the same scale.

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  1. Curt Hopkins says:

    I’ll check out Lives in Focus, thanks for the tip.