Mirror on cab roof

Every cab in Bombay has a personality. The cabs are more unique than individuals. (Sorry Kundera). Sometimes late at night, you call for a cab and what looks like a strobe light hangs from the roof. My personal favourites were cabs with purple lights fitted inside. Spooky, but really put you in the Bombay mood. Especially if you were with friends. The loud ones.

While the afternoon drowned into the evening, SD and I caught a cab to Churchgate. This one had almost-bright blue seatcovers, a bead like thing hanging right behind the driver’s seat. But best of all, a huge mirror on the roof. So we looked upward and made faces for a while. This photograph was taken camera facing upward, giggling and in a cab that shook like crazy over the smoothest of roads. SD was trying to touch the mirror, and the light bounced off her hand. A Bombay Blue moment. (No, not the restaurant.)

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  1. Nanyaar? says:

    I will make sure I check it out next time I make it to Mumbai. 🙂



  2. veda says:

    Not only the cabs even, rickchaws in suburb mumbai too have a fancy for decorating the interiors beautifully, having good music/speakers etc., One more thing what i observed is mostly its youngsters who spend more money to make their cabs, rickshaws good. I sometimes even wonder these guys must spend a considerable part of their income for maintaining this..!


  3. Hey there…

    neat post. Thought i’d drop a word by email, but couldn’t find an address. Anyways, if you wana exchange notes of something drop by at my bogspace. I’m also im msn (sukrit_10@hotmail.com) and yahoo (sd_root).



  4. Primalsoup says:

    Ah, total Bombay nostalgia happening. I also see that you refer to it as Bombay and not Mumbai! Decidedly nicer also. Imagine telling someone that you wanted to go to Mumbai Blues for dinner?! Incidentally they rustle up a very good Veg Kabab (even if it sounds slightly oxymoronic) meal.
    Some of the cabs used to be totally ornate; they almost have chandelier type stuff and velvet upholstery.
    The mirror on roof was the most spooky of the lot, I think it was to create the illusion of greater space more than anything else (or so I was told)!


  5. Reshma Anand says:

    I spent most of my growing up years in bombay and u’re post does evoke nostalgia. there were cabs we saw that had CDs dangling close to the rear view mirrow – i guess that was to show they are ‘with times’ and as part of our initiation into the grown up world we we were handed down old wives tales about which cabs to take and which ones to avoid. and the ones you mention with purple lights in them – were a big NO NO since there was a perception of these being hired for seedy business and no self respecting girl ‘should be seen’ in one of those. Infact one of my friends grandma advised us to always look for cab drivers who would be seen reading newspapers since she thought it would be a safer bet to go with a literate cabbie.


  6. Miss DilDo says:

    in mumbai do the cabbies drive faster and wave a red flag if tipped more? Better yet do they do any sex tours for the blitzed boys and girls from over seas?

    Nice knowing you hon!