While she is not related to me

More than a year back when this blog was yet to find any readership (as compared to the nine dedicated readers now), a lot of people would google for Kaavya Viswanathan and come here. Except they would get the spelling wrong and spell it as Kavya Viswanathan and come here.

The NY Times has a feature on Kaavya who has written a book “How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life“. Unfortunately, despite the shared second name – she’s not related to me, or I could have helped myself to the nice figure she might have got for the book. Sigh.

The NY Times has a feature on Kaavya and her book. Very interesting. Chick lit really makes me happy.

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  1. nabeel says:

    hi neha, but i logged in, not by mistake but through desi pundit,so , i think its an honour to be associated with some extra ordinary person, either by mistake or with knowledge.so be proud. nd keep going as life goes on…. “what you seek is waiting for you,all along”.bye take care.


  2. Stock Whiz says:

    how did you arrive at this count of 9?


  3. ashok says:

    hey neha..u forgot to count me..that makes it 10! 😉


  4. bharat says:

    9 ???

    bloglines sez 47? counting google reader, rojo, feedreader etc… say over a 100?

    here’s an interesting read on the book.


  5. Wicked Angel says:

    And don’t forget the ones who don’t subscribe to bloglines etc but pop by regularly 🙂


  6. km says:

    WHAT? You are NOT Kavya Viswanathan? All these days I thought I was corresponding with a NYT-reviewed author!


  7. neha vish says:

    nabeel: huh?

    Stock Whiz: Arbitrary. Entirely.

    ashok: 😀

    bharat: I see that the number nine has been taken very seriously.

    Wicked Angel: What!! You’re telling me that I do not feature on your bloglines. I am hurt. Sniff

    km: Uncleji! Stop popping that vein!


  8. SunnyH says:

    Lol! I love it when people fall for self-deprecating jokes!

    Anyway, Jinal shah on StyleStation has written a hilariously thorough putdown on this book. worth reading… To be honest I hate Indian chick lit. But then maybe they don’t aim it at me… *cough*


  9. SunnyH says:

    Neha – why have you got comments restricted to Blogsspot people only. Its annoying for us who dont use the damn platform… and have to sign up just to post comments… grrrrr…


  10. neha vish says:

    SunnyH: We were trying to safeguard ourselves against SunnyBee. 🙂 Anon comments were driving me up the wall.

    Yes. Self deprecation really works well for me. Especially given the Brit weather. Heh! Indian Chick Lit is yet to reach the stage of candid confession that makes chick lit so ummm.. empowering. Till then, it feels more like nonstop candy and culture pourri. Really – am surprised this book doesn’t have a random spice/ turmeric/ chilli/ brinjal/ bindi reference in its title.


  11. SunnyH says:

    Lol, that’s true. You’re right about the candid confessions thing. Be interesting if one day an asian girl went past the ‘confused about arranged marriages’ into ‘was into threesome orgies’ kind of confessional lit.

    Now THAT would be interesting. *cough*.



  12. Reshma Anand says:

    was looking for kavya on your blog to read trackbacks to the story you are writing – and came across this post on KV. This morning a fellow blogger sent me a link on the controversy about her book. So much for patterns and connections in our mind and in the virtual world.