In which Rachel buys me lunch

Truth is that most of my friends are the ones who transcend the virtual world of blogs and become frequent features in routine and conversation. Rachel was found recently when she joined Global Voices as the Managing Editor. I finally heard her yesterday on a podcast with Kamla.

Rachel blogs at Frizzy Logic. So today lunch was had with her and Maizy. Among other things we discussed the habits (quite literally clothes) as worn by early Brits who made it to India, Rice Cultivation, Big Dogs, Small Dogs, Snappy Dogs, Chocolate, Food, Chocolate, Democracy, Tribes, Africa, India, White Mughals, Global Voices, Brats, Men Who Hate Dogs, Grandmothers, British Imperialism and other Very Important Things. We obviously tickled each other’s funny bone well because we laughed a lot louder than any of the bawling babies in the room. Munching food, and dusting off crumbs – I couldn’t help but wonder how in any situation we’d have been deathly polite to each other, but having read each other’s blogs the conversation jumps to a different level from the very beginning. So one is not as wary of stomping one’s feet when one burts into fits of laughter as one might be otherwise.

Note: Frizzy is the word. Maizy is snappy, but she means well. Or she means “Give me Food!”

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0 Responses to In which Rachel buys me lunch

  1. preyanca says:

    frizzy maizy daisy hazy
    an image u have built here
    lunch with loughther so crazy
    and good times nice to share

    lol its kinda wierd … it just popped in2 my mind like dt…
    anyway.. i hv been reading ur blog a lot lately…
    u gt a nice blog running…
    u in london?
    my boyfren is in guildford…


  2. reshma anand says:

    You title to this post sounds like episode titles for F.R.I.E.N.D.S found on thier dvds….’in which joe eats a turkey’… or some such thing


  3. Preyanca: Yes I am in London. Thanks for reading. 🙂

    Reshma: Heh! Except I was vegetarian, and Rachel (with some guilt) ate her meat.