Reading, writing and tweaking poetry

I just finished reading a wonderful and insightful post at River’s Blue Elephants. She talks of poetry and the online medium.

I find the constant self-referentiality, the constant linking to archival material within an author’s blog very interesting. The immediacy of responses that mocks at cartographical boundaries, the iridescent web of contacts, the linked community, the chaotic incompleteness of the poems, the seeming anonymity of the poet-figure, the conversations between authors and readers (and the flux in these identities because the author of a blog is a reader/commentator everywhere else), the freedom to experiment without worrying about sales–I think I have more than enough reason to keep on blogging!

I couldn’t agree more. Blogging has affected my poetry in more than one way. While at a certain level, it’s made me write poetry with some more consistency, the ability to archive my poetry has helped me build my style. At quite another level, I am less fussy about putting the poem out for scrutiny. I also have some readers who make it a point to read every poem and the constructive dialogue has helped me prune some of my overdone strokes.

My relationship with a poem enters a different realm as soon as it is available in the public  domain. On some days I am possessive, but on most days I comment on my own poem. My constant reading of it distances me from the process of its creation. But sometimes the process of creation never ceases. Every reading also urges me to tweak the poem. Yes, I admit. I tweak my poetry.

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0 Responses to Reading, writing and tweaking poetry

  1. Pareshaan says:

    Wish you all the best with the move.


  2. prakriti says:

    I mean, talking about poetry, where are the pics?


  3. Olive Ream says:

    Neha, love your new blog home.

    Tweaking your poetry is not wrong. Fiddling, twisting, kicking and stroking your words until feels just right or as close to what you think is possible.

    Must let me know when you post your next poem.




  4. softykid says:

    hi, poetry is not an opinion expressed, its a feeling which comes from a wounded heart or else from a smiling lips. so just keep going …..


  5. Pareshaan: Thanks

    Prakriti: I should mail them to all those who attended. Thanks for reminding!

    Olive Ream: 🙂

    Softykid: Poetry is definitely opinion too. For me it’s less about feeling and more about the morph of words.


  6. ~River~ says:

    Hey, thanks.
    Would have liked some conversation on this, but I’m pressed for time these days. 😥
    Perhaps later.

    Am going home tomorrow. Yay. =:D

    PS: Great new blog, great new header.