Tags and censorship

As it gets harder to keep track of sites that get censored, tagging them might make for an easy archive to go through. This one is for China. So you could tag sites/ blog with GFW (Great Firewall of China).

Sad thing is, once the government gets the wind of it, they’ll probably block access to the tagging site (Technorati, Del.icio.us), so it’s people who are not blocked by the firewall who end up accessing the information. Technorati for a start appears to be blocked in parts of China.

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0 Responses to Tags and censorship

  1. reshma anand says:

    Neha…till sometime back I thought of tags only as tools used for indexing… a surrogate for ‘categories’…quite obviously my earlier view was very simplistic and there is much more to it than meets the eye


  2. Reshma: The problem with tags is also that it can be misleading and abused so easily. I find wading through technorati tags a very painful job. Organizing information is a more generic thing – and as you say – the tools could probably be used for something that they were never meant to do. (Subverting a system)