We Media 2006 and fringe events

I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while. We Media 2006 is scheduled for the first week of May 2006 in London. It was held last year in New York. From the website

The We Media Global Forum brings together the trailblazers of the connected society – the thinkers, innovators, investors, executives and activists seeking to tap the potential of digital networks connecting people everywhere.

Conducted at and hosted by The BBC and Reuters in London, the 2006 Forum includes a series of keynote, general and small group conversations and workgroups, as well as networking receptions and a World Café – a global “town hall” meeting with Web, satellite, television and other avenues of participation from around the world.

The program of the conference is here. Now, the very kind folks at We Media had announced fellowships for those who were keen to attend. (Which is how I am going to be there!) Robin Hamman along with a few conspirators is setting up a fringe event in London on one of the evenings which will have activists, students, speakers, people from the media and hobbits.

Among other things – there will be people from Global Voices to yap with. Lisa Goldman (the only Israeli to call me Darling) promises lots of conversation. It’s fair to say that Lisa and I will miss our comrade Dina who joined us frequently during eye-rolling sessions.

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  1. dina mehta says:

    Hey Neha … i will miss meeting you and Lisa together again! Rebecca asked me if i could be on a panel .. but unfortunately, am in the USA. Keep those eyes wide open .. and share some of your giggles and snorts 🙂 D