Floods in Suriname: Emergency Declared

There’s heavy flooding in parts of Suriname. The President of Suriname declared a state of emergency for the affected areas. The situation continues to deteriorate, the airstrips are inundated and this poses a big obstacle to getting aid out. The World Wide Help blog is collating information on the emergency. This post is an example of how internet can probably fill some gaps in an emergency response situation:

As with every emergency, the World Wide Help Group find that the Internet is one of the best sources of information when it appears no news is available. Four radio stations in Paramarimbo, Suriname, broadcast live on the Internet, and a link to all of them can be found on a German website by clicking here.

According to ReliefWeb

It is estimated that 25,000 people have been affected by the rising water levels, with the most severe damage occurring in the southwest and centre of the country.

Caribbean Net News has more on this issue.

Update – I just had an obnoxious comment about how it was just three people who died in Suriname and why it was such a big deal. Talking of a country where the average population per square kilometer is 3 people, Taran at knowprose responds –

I mean, if you think about it – 3 dead in a country where there is an average of 3 people per square kilometer means that there’s now a virtual square kilometer without people. That’s kind of sobering. In Trinidad and Tobago, I think the equivalent is 220 per square kilometer.

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  1. Taran says:

    Always good working with you, Neha.


  2. Angelo says:

    “obnoxious” — starting to warm up to that term 🙂