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  1. Abi says:

    “In which Bangalore college kids will have to sit in separate groups.”

    Sathyabama effect?


  2. megha says:

    I have to agree with abi. I think the sathyabama effect is rubbing off on Bangalore.


  3. 30in1005 says:

    Cannot belive that in this day and age they are hoping that sitting seperately will achieve anything!!!

    BTW, Very cool Vlog! šŸ˜‰

    More please..


  4. guptavati says:

    oh you said they should ‘sit’ separately..For a moment,was wondering what was wrong with you. (ducks before Neha throws stuff)


  5. Abi and Megha: Probably. But I think for some damn reason some cities are going through an identity crisis and feel that unless they behave like morons they won’t be able to resolve the identity crisis. Sigh!

    30in1005: Thankoo Thankoo!

    Guptavati: Throws stuff at Guptavati anyway!


  6. WA says:

    HaHa nice to see that our neighbours are learning from TN on segregation. Wonder whats next


  7. mrajshekhar says:

    taken to the logical end, if they are so keen to dissuade afore-mentioned boys and girls from sitting together, they will have to pass a bill that lets afore-mentioned boys and girls venture out of home only on alternate days. that is the only way to solve this pernicious, evil, reprehensible, amoral scourge of afore-mentioned boys and girls sitting together.


  8. WA: We make good teachers don’t we? Of all things Tamil – did they have to pick this up?

    mrajshekhar: I wonder what the bill will say for people in the process of a sex change? I think I am just glad I grew up in a decade when they saw hormones as normal and interaction as desired.