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  2. Anon2 says:

    LOL! That Bollywood clip is hilarious. :))


  3. megha says:

    err…not really.

    Its just a denim skirt.

    *runs away hastily before neha can throw anything at her*



  4. tony says:

    I am starting a small campaign called sensible adsense, do have a lot.. just an idea….


  5. tony says:

    I meant look,[lot] sorry about the typo.


  6. Anon2: Priceless!

    Megha: Flings Homer Simpson’s beerbelly at her!

    Tony: Will look. Thanks.

    Bharat: Rotfl! Hilarious. I heard the movie was really bad?


  7. Taran says:

    I want Buddhist nipple warmers for those long trances in the Himalayas.

    I want Buddhist extra squishy shoes so I do not kill any living creature when I walk. They should not touch the ground.

    I want Buddhist underwear that doesn’t ride up in the lotus position. Perhaps even crotchless so that for extended periods, you can just find a bottle nearby.

    Simpsons == American Bollywood. 🙂


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