Two movies and a monstrosity

We saw two movies over the weekend. The Da Vinci Code is just another movie. I mean it’s not even worth spending time signing a petition for. Of course, if you’re rabidly anti-censorship like me, you might sign a petition. But really, don’t get your head in a twist over it. I personally think the movie is not even mildly offensive to anyone. I don’t think the book was exceptional either. It was poorly written and badly constructed. Yes, I did finish it in two days. But that doesn’t mean I thought the book was great.

The other movie we saw as this monstrosity called Thiruttu Payale in Tamizh. Apparently this movie is getting wonderful reviews. I have a feeling that an entire review mafia might be benefiting from this. It was such an awful movie, with such a bad plotline that I wanted to vomit on the entire cast. (This is a very violent reaction – but the movie deserves it.)

What also worries me is this twisted idea of love that Tamizh Cinema often has. The idea that a man who literally abuses a woman is doing it out of love is so warped that it gives me a sharp ache in the gut. Usually, you have some exceptional movies in Tamizh that balance the crap that the industry dishes out. I can even watch bad movies – but I just can’t watch painful ones. If a director wants to glorify blackmailing and abuse, it’s really the director’s call. But when a movie is this badly made, receives some decent review and turns out to be such utter rot – then that really gets me angry! Please DO NOT watch this movie unless you are planning to punish yourself for some grave sin you committed.

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  1. Kaps says:

    Thiruttu Payale was somewhat similar to some recent Hindi movies where similar themes were involved. It might have not been outstanding, but it did well because the rest of the movies which released around the same time were utter disasters.


  2. megha says:

    ahhh the age old formula: Ill tease you to tears, follow you on the streets and embarass you and I’ll threaten violence if you dont fall in love with me BS, and the heroine promptly falls in love with the hero.

    Thanks for the heads up, I was going to watch Thriruttu Payale over the weekend, but I think I’ll pass now. My stomach cant take it.



  3. bharat says:

    Neha, why don’t you create an online petition for thiruttu payale? I’ll go ahead and sign it riteaway. I can imagine your reaction to Perarasu’s movies if thiruttu payale did this to you! get well soon!


  4. Taran says:

    Hmm. Interesting, Neha, I thought the book was pretty good… but perhaps I was more interested in the plot than the writing. I’m sort of surprised to see that criticism, but I can’t disagree with it… just wonder why you made the criticism so I have a better idea.

    The movie? Well, the movie is something I’ll eventually see on a pirated DVD down here in Trinidad and Tobago. It’s impossible to find a legal copy of anything…


  5. Venkatesh says:

    Title should be One movie and one monstrosity. Not two movies and one monstrosity because then total three but you only seen two so which is the third ? This is the same old vaazhapazham joke that our Chenthil and Goundamani have told in Karagattakaran. Director of TPayale is Mani Rathnam’s assistant and he worked on Roja Iruvar Bombay etc. so now he is making his own movie let us encourage him instead of calling him names on blogsphere. If you don’t like movie atleast tell WHY in detail na.


  6. Anon2 says:

    I wouldn’t see that Thamiz movie in case given my near monolingual condition. But since you said you wanted to vomit, I thought I would leave this funny link with plenty of vomiting here:



  7. luis says:

    hey you should post these reviews on ๐Ÿ™‚ your blog url is displayed at the bottom of each review you submit so it might even send a little traffic your way. we have a page up for Da Vinci Code right here:


  8. kamla says:

    Appah! Vat a review of the Tamil movie “Robber Boy,” I say. The movie clearly robbed you of your time, energy, money, blogging time, and pleasure for 3 hours ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the heads-up…this is no longer in my long list of Tamil movies I have to see…the list goes back to 2000 or so.

    By the by, I saw bits of Munnabhai MBBS in Tamil…it was painful to watch Kamlahassan. I wish they had given the role to Rajni, who would have done ample justice to the movie. Movie would have been super dhool!



  9. Kaps: I just hope that Tam Cinema doesn’t think Hindi Cinema is any sort of standard to go by!

    Megha: I suggest you don’t. It’s almost upsetting in certain parts.

    Bharat: Yes! Because one has absolutely run out of things to do! Honestly, I think people have the right to make crappy movies. I just wish I had the right to better reviews.

    Taran: I love conspiracy theories. I love history. The Da Vinci Code if it had a better “writer” who was more articulate, and not smothering sentences with adverbial usage -would have made a better read I think. I don’t have an issue with the subject matter at all. As for a pirated copy – oh well.

    Venkatesh: You’re right. The Tam movie gave me such a bad headache I ended up making errors. As for why I didn’t like it – 1. Horrible Plot. 2. Pathetic Cast 3. Warped idea of love 4. Misogynistic 5. Glorifying abuse of women 6. Glorifying street sexual harassment. 7. Horrible editing – I don’t expect anyone else to have a problem with it, but frankly it just gave me a bad taste in the mouth.

    Anon2: LOL!

    Luis: Thanks! Will consider it.

    Kamla: Glad to do fellow bloggers some service!


  10. Mahakavi says:


    Serioulsy u did not like TP? Then i wonder how u will feel about Kalaaba Kadhalan, Kalvanin Kaadhali, Pachakuthira….blah blah blah…. hmmmm…W&W is a nice cosy haunt…keep inking….


  11. ramani says:

    I generally don’t watch Tamil movies so I am good :). I watch one only after repeated recommendations from sundry people. Some of the other Hindi movies I saw were good actually – Parineeta, Bluffmaster …


  12. DesiGirl says:

    I saw this movie a while back called ‘Priya Saki’ or some such thing, starring Madhavan and Sada – it was the most godawful movie I have ever seen, bad none. The way the hero treats his wife is like unbelievable – she gets pregnant and when she wants to abort it, the court rules against it (what rot!). What followed was pure bile – the husband konjifies her tummy and when wife protests, she is told politely to shut up as he is konjifying his son / daughter. God – I saw red so frequently that I still don’t know why I actually sat thru the blasted thing, ranting and raving non stop!
    What can we do to let these movie makers know that we know they are feeding us crap and we want none of it?


  13. ashok says:

    neha,…thanx for the warning ! was planning to see it this week after one friend (read dhrogi) adviced me it was great !


  14. WA says:

    Had the previlege of watching another stupid film recently starring the so called hearthrob Arya, where he organises the ‘morai maapillai’ to rape his sister in law. Apparently once raped she would marry him and then everyone will live happily every after. Just thinking of that film makes me want to throw up


  15. Mahakavi: Yes, Seriously.

    Ramani: I loved Bluffmaster. Parineeta was a good watch till the point where Saif Ali Khan goes about breaking the wall. That was an rotfl moment.

    DesiGirl: Yes! I saw Priyasaki too. A movie worth vomiting on.

    ashok: You’re welcome. I wish ill-will for no one!

    WA: What!?! That’a legit story for a movie? YUCKKKK. Morons!


  16. WA says:

    Yeah yeah, no joke. And I watched this film after reading a rave review in one of the blogs, the young woman is supposedly in love with her sister’s husband & the morai maapillai is in love with her and the review said some wonderful things about the way in which the guy handles the situation. If alone I had known the plot I would never have even gone near it. Just in case you come across it and want to avoid it, its called Kalaaba Kadhalan. Oh just thinking about the stupid film winds me up big time.


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