Tam song link

Cute song. (in Tamizh) From the movie Sukran. (Though apparently the movie is awful – not a surprise!)

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  1. Cyberswami says:

    if you’re tamil (which it seems) and if you haven’t seen this ad already, please do:


    a ‘paati’ pooper! hope you like it.


  2. Venkatesh says:

    Hey Neha, Just check out all of Vijay Milton’s compositions – he is very talented Tirunelveli dude. His Dishyum composiotions are pretty cool.


  3. bharat says:

    @Venkatesh – he’s Vijay Antony. Vijay Milton is a cinematographer.


  4. Venkatesh says:

    Romba sorry da bharat, i know so much about both of them that’s why i keep getting confused between them . i could write 1 essay about antony, 1 whole encyclopedia about milton. So Neha you listen to antony, and watch milton. 10 years from now, both these dudes will rock your world. Or atleast they will rock tamil cinema.


  5. MumbaiGirl says:

    Have just got addicted to “Suppose” thanks to you. But I don’t understand a word. My usual fate with Tamil songs I love. Sigh.


  6. Cyberswami: Oh yes! Love that advert! 🙂

    Venkatesh: Whatever you say saar. We will listen to Antony and watch Milton.

    Bharat: Thanks for the correction.

    MumbaiGirl: We live in the same city. Anytime you need a live lesson on “Suppose”, mail in. 😉