Indian Bloggers and Rural India

There’s very little on Indian blogs on rural and peri-urban India. I suppose a lot of this can be attributed to the fact that outside of rural and peri-urban India, internet penetration remains low and language barriers on the internet are too high to be ignored. The little that is written, remains in terms of aspirations of urban India for rural and peri-urban India. Besides, there is a tendency to lump rural India together – especially when talking in terms of infrastructure. It’s even more rare to see anyone talking of the emerging middle class and specific trends in rural India.

Mridula has done an interesting introductory post for Global Voices on “What do Bloggers say about Rural India?”. She kickstarts the post with

While reading different blogs, I have often read that in India blogging reflects a very middle class mindset. So, I thought even if it is true what do Indian blogs say about the issues that are not typically middle class or about urban India.

Go read! Links on education, poverty, IT, children and people who migrate to urban India for jobs.

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  1. sudha says:

    So not true – Check this out!

    My infinite source of envy – agri, internet and pollachi :(( while i rot here with no time to even go to the nearest rose park.


  2. nevermind says:

    Hey, check this out. Straddling rural India and the West. Some people have all the luck.


  3. Sudha: I said it was rare – not impossible! 🙂

    nevermind: Thanks for the link!


  4. sudha says:

    oh, sorry …i got carried away with my angst .. look at all his blogging buddies & their buddies ….there are so many, just tat we dont read a lot of tamil blogs ….


  5. Ever read a blog called Nah, Neha doesn’t read Commies!


  6. Sudha: 🙂

    Shivam Vij/ Albert Krishna Ali: Please read my post very carefully – it says “The little that is written, remains in terms of aspirations of urban India for rural and peri-urban India. ” – while I enjoy reading theotherindia, the blog falls in that category. I was talking about voices from rural India, not voices on behalf of rural India. And please don’t insult communist philosophy by claiming to be a commie. Really.