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  1. Jace says:

    Neha, this breastfeeding issue isn’t new. The LJ abuse team — which operates somewhat independently of LJ site management — has for sometime now had a policy that nudity in default userpics is not allowed, because those could turn up in the directory or support areas where minors could see them. LJ Abuse has no issue with nudity in non-default pics. I stumble on them all the time.

    This is not to say I endorse the policy.


  2. Jace: Yes of course it isn’t new. However, the question remains – is breastfeeding in public the same as nudity? While the issue is one of default userpics – I think things are escalating. The feminist community at LJ has been having quite a discussion about it.

    My guess is that people have a wide range of opinions about this. I just think that following the discussion is very interesting. I still haven’t been able to make up my mind about it. I linked to this thing however because of the action that some people want to take on 6th June.


  3. Christine says:

    There was a press release issued about it yesterday, and there’s a site blogging about various long-running problems with LJ Abuse. I’m still waiting for LJ/6A to reply to me about a glaring privacy issue, where what LJ abuse members claim about whether they can read your private LJ entries is glaringly untrue.



  4. Taran says:

    Free Boobs!

    Seriously, though… I mean, I’ll defend the right of women to breast feed and post images of it – because it’s only fair. But personally, I don’t enjoy icons of breastfeeding children all over. It’s not sexist, it’s just… boobies and babies everywhere is a little much for me to see all the time, especially on a meta blog site like LiveJournal.

    A few people? Fine, OK, and I hope it’s temporary and as your child grows, you take more interesting pictures. Plus, there are enough wacky people on the internet… do you really want them to see your boobs and type one handed?

    I’ll defend the right to show breastfeeding on the web, but I’ll ask that it be done tastefully. I don’t need to be drowned in nipplejuice.


  5. Christine: Thanks for the links. Will take a look.

    Taran: The problem always has been defining “tasteful”. Either you draw the line or you don’t.


  6. Jace says:

    After following the discussion here [1], I can’t say I’m sympathetic to LJ/6A’s stand anymore.

    [1] http://news.livejournal.com/92408.html?thread=34911480#t34911480


  7. Jace: I think somewhere 6A will need to define by what they mean when they say “graphic”. I think people are bothered with the inconsistency. Thanks for that link – I really doubt that 6A has even thought through what they are saying after reading that.