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Sabarimala, women and the state

I am no expert on religion or the state. However, when a temple goes all up in arms about women polluting their sanctum sanctorum – it pisses me off. No point in trying to force a revolution though. To me, … Continue reading

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Masculinity, men and patriarchy

Monuments are for Pigeons has an interesting post on masculinity and contextualizes it within an economy. (With some visual vignettes from The Simpsons.) Masculinity as independence, ‘being your own man’, is a lie. It’s used most often when men are … Continue reading

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How Neha got her Roti back

Sri and I – we love our Rotis. We’ve been trying to make them for a long time. Our first efforts were disastrous. What looks amazingly simple when made by somebody else – becomes a complicated, herculean task involving all … Continue reading

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Feminism, Choice and Spaces

It disturbs me when female chauvinism passes off for Feminism. Female Chauvinism works in pretty much the same way that Male Chauvinism does. Among other things – it can assume superiority over another another sex, it stereotypes and begins to … Continue reading

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Who wants wisdom, or extra teeth?

There is a circus in my mouth. I feel like an elephant is dancing upside down on my upper jaw. Since it wasn’t enough that five months back I had my first wisdom tooth kill me with pain, I now … Continue reading

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links for 2006-06-28

The South Asian Literary Recordings Project “Launched in April 2000, to record the voices of South Asian authors for the Library of Congress’ Archive of Recorded World Literature, the project has captured the readings of prominent South Asian poets, novelists, … Continue reading

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Blogultery – When you stop reading one blog for another, and tell the author of the first one that you still read the blog, and none other. You satisfy them by going to their blog and howering for a while … Continue reading

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