Cabbages, Frocks and Olives at Primrose Hill

primrosehill.jpgThank you Lucy Hooberman of Mentoring Worldwide and the BBC, for a wonderful lunch last week at Lemonia at Primrose Hill. They had wonderful vegetarian options for the veggie hungry desi. Even on that exceptionally hot day, I pigged over a range of starters. The place was airy, beautiful and very Mediterranean. You almost feel transported out of London. Lucy makes for excellent conversation. (See, it is the likes of her that get me to change my opinion of Mainstream Media!)

Among other things mentoring, media, husbands, people, weather, pompous organisations and food were discussed. And would you believe it – we discovered we had people in common. The kinds that are not in media. People I know from India in another lifetime. We had a lovely (yes, that’s how the Brits say it.) time. I think I was full as a helium balloon by the end of it. We strolled into the park and spotted this sign. I couldn’t resist a photograph. I googled a bit for it and apparently Cabbages and Frocks is a bit not my style. However, this almost Lewis Carroll sounding name is just too beautiful to be ignored, no?

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0 Responses to Cabbages, Frocks and Olives at Primrose Hill

  1. km says:

    You like Cabbages & Frock, eh? If Shiv Sena had their way, it would be “mooli aur lehenga”, “tamatar aur ghaghra” and “lauki aur salwar”.

    BTW, one of the ads I see on this page says “Are you a slacker mom?” Wonder how they got that impression from your posts 😀

    SLACKER MOM! That’s my new handle for you.


  2. nevermind says:

    ah, you beat me to cabbages and frocks 🙂 it’s new, just opened a few months ago. i bet it’s a bit expensive, given the enivirons.


  3. km: What did you smoke today morning? Slacker Mom it is!

    nevermind: Still haven’t been there. I find even Spitalfields expensive! With an organic name like this – it’s bound to be very poundfoolish.