Notes from Prague I

indianprague.jpgI had an interesting discussion yesterday (in a Greek restaurant) with a man from Colombia who lives in Netherlands. About Indian restaurants and Spanish movies. Well, one cuisine that is more popular than the Indian one is the Chinese one. However, Prague seems to have space for India. Take this poster for instance. I can’t quite figure what the Happy Fest is all about – but was struck by the “Indian Dancer!” On another note – the workshop is going great guns.

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0 Responses to Notes from Prague I

  1. angelo says:

    that looks like a local dressed up as an Indian dancer 😉

    & multiculturality in one line: Greece > Colombia > Netherlands > India > Spain> China

    Glad the workshop is working it’s wonders, are the folks from tol into link love as well. 😀


  2. Pareshaan says:

    In Prague – that is pretty cool, how is it that the blogging community is so damned cool!


  3. Mohib says:

    Prague is too beautiful, we want more pics !


  4. nevermind says:

    since you’re doing the indian prague angle, there’s an indian-polish restaurant in shepherd’s bush 🙂 no indian-czech, as far as i know, so there’s an opportunity.


  5. Angelo: Yes, I suppose Link Love is one of the many things we discussed!

    Pareshaan: Ahem! You tell me.

    Mohib: I promise more pics. Just as soon as some of these deadlines get taken care of.

    Nevermind – Indo-Polish you say. We will check. Definitely!