Who wants wisdom, or extra teeth?

There is a circus in my mouth. I feel like an elephant is dancing upside down on my upper jaw. Since it wasn’t enough that five months back I had my first wisdom tooth kill me with pain, I now have one more. It’s horrible. It hurts.

Wisdom Teeth. This pain in my jaw brings me closer to understanding existential angst. While I am sure that all dentists are wonderful people, I don’t want to go to one right now. Sitting with my mouth open, at the mercy of a moody person is not my idea of healing or fun. I am reminded of Ogden Nash’s poem on dentists. Damn him. He scared me even more from ever going to the dentist!

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  1. km says:

    Clove oil works like magic. Just pour a drop or two on the tip of a finger, rub it on the area that’s hurting. Voila.

    If you find the strong aroma of the oil bothersome, go for a dab of benzocaine. Benzocaine is available cheap in drug stores (I mean *legal* drug stores:)) It gives you a numb jaw. It’s a nice, happy, comfortable feeling – till it wears off.

    You can pay me in sacks of rice or lambs.


  2. Re: an earlier post, the current issue of Time has a good (by their standards) article on Nouvel, the architect.

    Hope you lose the tooth and not the wisdom.

    And I hate you a little bit for going to Prague. Prague and Vienna are where I want to go.

    Btw, are you in Lambeth?



  3. 1. An elephant can’t really dance upside down on your upper jaw: that will only hurt your lower jaw 😉
    2. Dentistry is sophisticated these days: you will lose neither your teeth nor your wisdom 🙂



  4. chills says:

    haha..imagine i had all 4 sprouting at the same time, and had to get two of them removed, cause there were “too many” teeth in my tiny jaw. n remember, it was your birthday that day, and i stood there looking like half-nemo with a huge bunch of roses !


  5. chills says:

    by the way, you seriously getting them or what?
    well.. take little water on a flat surface(stone slab), take cardamom, and rub it ..makin a dilute “juice ” sort of thing.n apply on the aching tooth n gums.


  6. megha says:

    My wisdom teeth are beginning to grow.

    Its no fun, to say the least.



  7. km: We shall keep clove oil in mind. (Oops – I mean Mouth). Sacks of rice please? This is a shakahari blog!

    JAP: Will hunt for article. This is of course assuming I have some wisdom to lose. Prague is BEYOOOOTIFUL. (There, have said it!) I know my IP shows up as Lambeth, which isn’t too far from where I live. (Tower Hill).

    Bishwanath Ghosh: My elephant is wierd. It defies gravity. Dentistry – however sophisticated – involves me putting my trust in a person who is in a mask and poking into my mouth. I believe genetically I am not wired to trust dentists.

    Chills: Of course I remember! I also remember you gulping about 2 to 3 litres of icecream a day – because you couldn’t eat a thing! You stood there – puffed up like a Gourami fish. Will go buy cardamom and try.

    Megha: You poor thing. Come, we’ll pool our cardamoms and cloves.


  8. megha says:

    oh yes we shall. Anything to ease the pain of those darned gums.:(


  9. chills says:

    by the way.. you can rub clove too


  10. Anon2 says:

    I like the Google ad-nonsense that shows up corresponding to this post:

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    so many possible haikus in this one. As for wisdom toofs, they are the occupational hazards of a pundit. 😉