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Amitabh Bachchan, Posters and Bus Stops

A delightful collection of Amitabh Bachchan’s Hindi movie publicity posters. Wonderful! Treat for the eyes. Broad brush strokes and a hint of green on the cheeks of heroines to make them look fair. (I learnt about this trick from a … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Short Story Contest

All you budding writers, if Science Fiction be your cup of inter-galactic tea, please head over to the The Scian Science Fiction Short Story Contest 2006. And yes, I am on the panel. Be nice to me.

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NDTV Blogs and Spaces: Damp squib

I don’t know if this has been out for a while – but NDTV has gotten into user based content generation through NDTV Blogs and Spaces (in Beta). NDTV has been taking the portal route for sometime now. They have … Continue reading

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How not to review movies

So this Aditya Sinha decides that Omkara is not to his liking. Fine. That’s alright. We all have a right to not like certain movies. Not everyone has a refined taste. However, it’s when reviews like this make an appearance, … Continue reading

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Quick notes after Omkara

It’s half past twelve at night, and while it is by no means a late hour, I am sleepy. However, before I sleep I must write about Omkara. It’s after really long that I liked a Hindi movie. Oh and … Continue reading

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New Google Talk – Yay!

Thanks to Digital Inspiration, I have the latest version of Google Talk. If you want to know more about this version, that allows for file transfers, voicemails for offline friends and other things to make life easy, please head there. … Continue reading

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One year on at Global Voices

Exactly a year (and two days) ago, I started writing for Global Voices. I am not going to reflect on the completion of one year. Over at GV, we end up bashing ideas by the day. But more than anything … Continue reading

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