Wonderful song

Sappiness pouring through a song? This particular one from Omkara has the sap-puppy in me wagging my tail. Have heard it over and over again. It’s been a long while since a lullabyish number really caught my fancy. While the song says “Jag Ja” (Wake up!), the lyrics are so wonderfully syrupy sleepy.

But for some reason there are parts of this lovely song that remind me of this song, which ruins a lot of the fun.

Don’t just sit there, listen to Jag Ja from Omkar.

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0 Responses to Wonderful song

  1. twisted dna says:

    You will not be forgiven for reminding me “dil deewaana” this early in the morning. Now it will leave a bad taste all day.

    “Jag ja” is an interesting song. It reminded me of “surmai akhiyon me” from Sadma. Probably because of the pace and background intruments. But Jag Ja didn’t leave any lasting impression on me. The “pallavi” seems to confine itself to 3 notes! Some how whole song felt as if it were shy to explore the full range of the octave.

    Please do keep posting interesting songs. Otherwise I don’t hear any contemporary music.