Blasts, romance and minor facts

Bombay is a city that I have lived in and loved. And yet, something about the jingoist calls to the spirit of the city makes my nerves crawl. Because I have also seen the worst of the city. Like when little kids are whisked from Bombay Central within minutes of entering the city, carried off to Kamathipura. Where the fringe is wider than the other. Of course the city has a certain brilliance and this wealth of opportunity. This peculiar vocabulary of selfishness that I relate to. It has a certain culture I grew up a lot in the city. I loved it. (Yes, I love other cities too – but Cityultery shall be discussed later.) Zigzackly does a post that really found resonance.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m awed, choked up even, by the heroism. By the struggle against the odds. My heart breaks when I see the pain, the grief. But that’s human beings being the best that they can in the face of other human beings being complete evil bastards. It’s just the good in all of us showing through. Ain’t got nothing to do with the geography. If it did, there’s enough heroism to see on a day to day basis on your way to work. If it did come down to the city, why aren’t we crying everytime we see babies play in the muck besides the railway lines? Why aren’t we breaking down when we watch a legless human being drag himself from car to car at traffic signals asking for money? Why aren’t we frigging appalled and stung into action by children working for a living.

Mdeii Life has a post that deals with the same issue, but quite differently.

Do you guys think that any large terrorist organisation worth its salt is stupid enough to engineer events that actually bring people together and strengthen their resolve? Absolute bollocks! So please stop writing nonsense about how this is not going to affect us at all. Of all the things this terrorist attack achieves, the most important is the loss of private and civil liberties in India, and worse still our eagerness to lose these without even being aware of the implications.

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  1. Kiran says:

    Why do people forget that this was an Intelligence failure.

    The Intelligence chief says that there are 15 thwarted attempts and then a failure like this happens.

    Our Govt. spends crores on the army. We have started recruiting engineers and the newest ad for the Indian Army promises a good life.

    What aboout the Intelligence bureau ?
    Is the Govt. spending enough money on them ? No
    What about hiring intelligent people for the IB and paying them a good salary ? No one talks about this..
    Why ?