Request – Anyone want to try a private beta tool?

Screen1.jpgFor sometime now I have been working with the fine folks at NowPublic. NowPublic is working on some tools to help citizen journalists publish their stories, footage and collaborate with other users to enrich news.

If anyone is interested in testing a private beta of a firefox extension, please leave a comment with your email id here, or shoot me a mail at nehavish[at]gmail[dot]com. I am looking for about 20 people to test the tool. The tool makes bookmarking, clipping, quoting, linking, tagging and reblogging a breeze. (Or we hope it does that!)

Feedback from the private beta users would greatly enrich and enhance the tool, and push it towards the public beta usage stage.

Note – I just got a few mails asking for more details on the kind of profiles I am looking for. Well, you definitely don’t have to be a techie or a geek. But if you tend to read a lot online and like blog and news hopping, you might enjoy doing the test drive.

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0 Responses to Request – Anyone want to try a private beta tool?

  1. saurab says:

    Hey, I’d be game for it. []

    Seems like an interesting tool. BTW, the cocomment ( folks have an API for integrating comments that you leave on other blogs on your own blog and track them down. You can access them from their web based interface as well. Very useful because when you get a reply to your comment you get an alert…that way you’re always informed in a timely manner. They have a firefox extension for that, and in addition to that an API as well…. so if you want to integrate their stuff in your extension you can do that …..


  2. Rezwan says:

    Hi Neha,

    I would prefer a test ride if I don’t have to perform the crash test.

    You know where to find me!



  3. Zz says:

    If it’s not urgent, then sign me up, pliss.

    Otherwise will have to pass on this. “Busy to death” to quote a certain someone’s status message.


  4. Toufeeq says:


    I can do some testing. Since you are working on a extension which deals with bookmarking and annotation have a look at my extension: Web-Marker :


  5. anoop a s says:

    hi neha
    me too
    and didnt get the reply for last mail


  6. uma says:

    me too!!