The day Neha became an Afghan Hound

Some days back I got a haircut. Having never experienced the joys of straight hair, I finally knew even if for a few brief hours – what it was like to have hair that can be managed, or hair that doesn’t knot itself like it’s trying to do various versions of the great Indian rope trick all at once. It would be fair to say that my hair has caused me much grief.

Out of sheer bad luck and other climatic factors, my communication with barbers and hairdressers has been limited to grunts and “Are you sure?”s. My dad’s trusted barber – Thakur was a nice man who gave me haircuts for a long time. The last time my mother let him touch my hair was when he inadvertently cut it very short. And I mean very short. nehatheafghanhound_1.jpgThe kind of hair that you see on Gentlemen Cadets in a military academy. You couldn’t hold it if you tried. There was nothing left to hold. You have to understand, my mother’s fond dreams of seeing her darling child in a pattu pavadai (silk skirt) with a string of jasmine swishing on long hair were dashed. Incidentally, I used to hate a particular advertisement that kept showing one annoying mother and daughter pair swaying their hair singing “Jhalke Jhalke“. (How am I supposed to translate that?)

My fundamental issue with long hair was the amount of time it took to maintain it. And on days that my mom was slightly pissed with me, she did a less gentle job of combing it. I tried quite a few haircuts in my lifetime. Most hairdressers would insist on leaving a lock of hair swaying on my face, which I had to keep spitting out of my mouth. Or keep tucking behind the ear while battling with a particularly evil question in the Mathematics exam. However, it provided for some settling of nerves, this constant adjustment of hair while debating and quizzing. It can look like you’re thinking, when all around you, people are shitting bricks of fear.

afghanhound_1.jpgI finally got a haircut that I remotely liked for a few hours. After the first wash of course, my hair returned to that unruly self, however some dervish level brushing keeps it down. It is another thing that our man commented that I looked like an Afghan Hound. Here, this is what an Afghan Hound looks like.

The Afghan Hounds (check these lovelies at flickr) are so beautiful that I am not quite sure I deserve such heartwarming compliments. I can always try to wag my tail and look happy with such adulation I suppose. While I am at it, I might even make my tail thump the coffee out of the mug and on to his books.

Woof! (Btw, which dog says Woof! in the world. I want to know.) It being a dog’s world and all.

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0 Responses to The day Neha became an Afghan Hound

  1. I can empathise with your troubles, though I cannot share them.
    (strokes own smooth top) Bwuhahahahaha.



  2. amit varma says:

    That’s a glorious doggie!

    And don’t get me started on hair…


  3. Ravi Kamdar says:

    Any dog with spike cut??



  4. WA says:

    I think the haircut looks lurvely


  5. hahaha…. The magic lasts only till that first wash – after that my hair return to its natural half-Caribbean half-Masai state! Thankfully, the hairline’s started receding 🙂


  6. Suraj says:

    That is more like “The Ring” ghost with a haircut. 😛


  7. Anon Cow says:

    No idea why but your photograph (not the dog’s) reminds me of Jap Anime. Love the whole touch of sun in the photograph.


  8. inkblot says:

    and if THAT is you then your no hound

    can totally relate to the above 😛


  9. sunshine says:

    the fatal first wash… how well i know it.. enjoyed reading!


  10. Mind Curry says:

    lol..this was hilarious!! cute! the hound i mean..ok ok.. you too! 🙂 great going neha. you write well!


  11. km says:

    Great Danes and dignified Labradors both say “woof”.

    Afghan Hounds merely blog.


  12. Vulturo says:

    By the way, you are looking totally evil.


  13. Anon2 says:

    You should stick with this haircut for it has ze potential to get you started on forming a cult around yourself. Maybe you can be the “Afghan hound wali mataji” 🙂


  14. Hawkeye says:

    which of the two photos is neha? i am seriously confused.



  15. Rajiv says:

    gee.. i love women with long hair. irresitible.


  16. ammani says:

    Hilarious. The resemblance is canny. :))


  17. shoefiend says:

    I had a friend who once got a hair cut with only a very bizarre long half fringe that went right down one eye. Ever the fashion victim she refused to pin it back and constantly bumped in to things. And no, this is not one of those I had a friend stories where the friend is me.


  18. MumbaiGirl says:

    Can’t wait to see you! Hehhehehehehehehhheheh. Get a pair of straightening irons. The Afghan Hound look will return (if you want it back).


  19. Fleiger says:

    Don’t mind, but the photos remind me of promos for Darna Zaroori Hai (minus the color of the hair, of course)… *beats it before sandals come after him*


  20. Awed I am by this show of hands! All those who like the dog’s style better to the right, and all those who can’t tell the difference between the two to the right. Hemph.


  21. Raindrop says:

    My dog says woof. She doesn’t bark it, she SAYS it. This is her clever way of warning us that she’ll be barking her head off for the next forty minutes.

    She’s a canine genius. Smarter than most people I know.